If you are not engaged and plugged into it! Are you feeling immovable due to emotional and physical compounding stress? Why does it matter? Your life and its amazing opportunities will pass you by

Do you ever feel like you are being pushed and pulled?

Do people look to you for guidance and leadership answers?

Do you ever feel like you get to a point where you have so much to do you just don’t even know where to start?

Do you ever feel like you don’t have an outlet?

Do you ever feel that there is a greater purpose in life and you don’t know how to get to it?

“I’m motivated and inspired to help people launch into the most amazing version of themselves!”

– Kat Mische Elle

Discover Kat Mische Elle

I am an Intuitive Resolutions Expert who helps hard working and fatigued individuals launch into the best versions of themselves through a perfected method of Quantum Voyance Integration. I am passionate about helping people who feel stuck and immobile take control and feel present in all areas of life; career, romantic relationships, health, and wellness.

Leaning into my 20 years of research and practice, I incorporate quantum physics, sociology, psychology, behavioral science, and alternative clairvoyance energy medicine to address and resolve challenges with anxiety, indecision, fatigue and feelings of being emotionally constricted.

Virtually, I work with hundreds of clients from all over the world, both people and animals, providing sessions that plug people back into their life and enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

I grew up living in the West Coast Mountains where I established a strong connection with nature and I am now based in Hawaii.

“Sessions with Kat are extremely helpful, to the point of being transformative”

– Rob & Kim S.

Covid & Reset Button

Before my session with Kat- I was feeling emotionally spent, tired, drained and just stuck in general. I had a lot of tightness in my neck and back and hadn’t gotten a massage for 6 months because of covid. I really just needed to hit the life reset button. After only one session I felt completely different. Most noticeable I felt lighter and taller 🙂 and just honestly great. I felt much more energetic, but in a really peaceful way that was grounded. My head and neck tightness was almost completely resolved and emotionally I felt uplifted and insulated from most of what I had going on. The funniest part was that my problematic sugar cravings almost completely disappeared- this was remarkable because it is a huge issue I am working on – but I never once mentioned it to Kat. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this therapy session but I was really hoping for just a little relief in general and got so much more. I highly recommend this — for honestly anything. I had such an interesting and diverse set of reliefs from mental to physical that if you are feeling off in any way- I would definitely trust Kat to get you to where you want to be!


Seattle, WA


I’ve complained about headaches since I was 3, later on I discovered they were really migraines, I’ve been down in bed not able to move with pain for up to a week, they are usually like 6 to 8h long and I would get at least 2 a month, at moments of High stress they could be every 4 or 5 days.

I work all day in front of computers, between the glare from the screen, the meetings, the loud office and the trying to focus with everything that is going on, having even a mild headache makes it almost impossible to function, now imagine that with a migraine! I work long hours and then continue with my own business at home, I have to be on it all the time and very focused as both activities require a lot of thinking and brain power and staring at a computer.

Since I worked with Kat I haven’t had a single migraine!!! I have noticed small headaches that quickly disappear when I balance my blood sugar and have a small bite to eat. As time passes, even the mild headaches have become less frequent. I have been sleeping more, and noticed that I am craving better quality food. Main thing is I haven’t had a migraine!!!!!! I am beyond happy with Kat’s work and would highly recommend to anyone to have a session with her!

Keyla M.


The Shift

Kat Michelle is a skilled healer and wellness practitioner with years of study and experience…. and it shows! I’d been feeling a bit stuck and heavy for some time. I’ve tried many different healing modalities from yoga and meditation to massage and energy work in various forms. After the first Katalyst Method Session, I felt a major change in my being leaving me feeling calm, light and deeply refreshed. Kat’s intuitive sensibility mixed with her gentle but focused approach is effective and has made a profound shift in my self-care! I can’t recommend her sessions highly enough.


Los Angeles

Self Care Reboot

My name is Amanda Huggins, and I am an Anxiety Coach, speaker, and retreat leader. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many incredible clients each day, and as an empath, it’s a necessary part of my work to clear out any energy that I may take on throughout the course of my work. Separate from other people’s energy, I have my *own* energy to tend to! I experience my own brand of personal mindset blocks and am a daily practitioner of emotional, spiritual and mental work on myself, too. Working with Kat has been life-changing and has markedly enhanced my own ability to show up for myself at my most full capacity. Prior to our first session, I was feeling energetically drained and was aware of a few stuck mental patterns of my own that had been difficult for me to shake. After our very first session, I immediately noticed a shift – what I lovingly referred to as a “shower for my energy body”. I felt emotionally clear, spiritually aligned, more grounded, and even more physically energized. Through continued work with Kat, I’ve noticed even my most stubborn emotional and energetic patterns begin to fade – and fast. While I believe Kat’s work can benefit anyone, I strongly feel that her gifts can especially accelerate those who are already doing inner work on themselves. She helps to create emotional, physical, and energetic space in a way I’ve never experienced before, and her gifts are truly invaluable!

Amanda Huggins

Los Angeles, CA

Pain Relief

I came to Kat with a painful hip that was sending shooting spasms down my leg. This had been bothering me for months and was affecting my whole life – even sleeping was hard. I tried stretching and yoga, which helped, but didn’t totally remove the pain. The session with Kat was transformative! On the phone, she asked me questions about my emotional state and and the location of the pain. She kept fine-tuning, and by the end of the session, I was pain-free and slept like a baby that night! I was totally amazed and stoked! The next day I woke up feeling great, no hip or leg pain! I would recommend a Katalyst Method Session to anyone that wants lasting pain relief.

Jerry R.

Maui. HI

If Grace Had a Physical Form

I had been feeling incredibly stuck – unable to tap into my joy, creativity and productivity. Physically, chronic aches and pains had really gotten so acute that it was disrupting my sleep and comfort. Given that I’m a life coach, I had tried all the tools and techniques I knew to pop me out of this slump which I had been experiencing for a number of weeks, but nothing really worked on a deep level. I might momentarily work through the lackluster energy and motivation, but I’d slide backwards fairly quickly. The Katalyst Method Session felt so natural. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I decide to just trust the process since Kat came so incredibly highly recommended. The best way to put it, is that it felt so effortless and organic. Nothing forced, nothing traumatic. It’s like if Grace had a physical form. By the next morning I started to feel remarkably better – even a pain from shoulder injury that had plagued me for years started to fade. Energetically I just felt so much more back to my normal self, and that momentum kept going over the next couple of days. I had an on-camera interview the next day and I was told by many people I was glowing! I would highly recommend Kat’s sessions, and I’ve personally already committed to a longer package as I see how her gifts/skills should be an integral part of my self-care regime.


New York

Strong and Effective

The day after my session I felt really clear in my energy field. My body felt as if it was flowing freely. Issues within my body that we worked with in the session have not returned! I can now hold my own energy/vitality with more ease. I feel stronger in my body and can recover more quickly from long work days. Kat’s work is remarkable and was very strong and effective for me. I highly recommend her!

Karen Nicholas


Case Study:

One of my youngest clients, Zandra, is 3 ½ years old who suffered from seizures that had appeared spontaneously and had been occurring for a couple of weeks before I was contacted by the parents for possible Katalyst Method sessions. The parents wanted to try an approach that was more holistic to start off with instead of Jumping strait into medications to numb and suppress her system that keep the seizures to a minimum. The first observations of Zandra after the session was that her defiant and confrontational behavior that had developed over a few months before the seizures began had disappeared. The parents reported that after one Katalyst Method session, Zandra was calm, kind and more loving towards her siblings and was compliant to her parent’s requests. Her overall system appeared soothed. Her seizure episodes had become less frequent and shorter in duration when they did occur. This experience gave the parents the space they needed to decide on the next best plan for their daughter’s wellness plan with their medical doctor.

Family lives in Texas

A New Start

My relationship was beginning to break apart, we couldn’t hear each other anymore and everything turned into an argument. We knew we still very much loved each other but we had slipped into a funk that seem like there was no way to get back what we had once before. My boyfriend and I each had a session with Kat and so much cleared up between us! Apparently we had to clear up stuff that was going on with each of us individually first before we could continue to try to bring anything to the relationship table. All I can say is that after we each had a Katalyst method session, we discussed how much lighter our bodies and minds felt and we noticed how all the emotional distractions seemed to have gotten out of the way! He and I had seriously come back together in the most loving and caring and supportive way for one another that I never thought would be possible again. We are so thankful! We are so grateful!

Tiffany K. & Ryan S.


Physical Freedom

I love working with Kat. She is beautiful inside and out. Her energy is radiant and loving and I feel safe that she only has my best interest at heart. Before working with Kat my energy was low, there was depression and self-loathing at times. My lower back was painful and knees were swollen and I couldn’t squat. My first session was over the phone and short and quite impressive. So much energy started moving and shifting. It was the start of me feeling stronger and happier. I appreciate very much that we can work together energetically and with breath to help move the body and being to a more loving and healthy existence. I go through a little emotional cleansing after a session sometimes. I now can bend more freely because my lower back has improved tremendously. I cry, laugh, and am allowing myself to feel more than I have in a very long time. Kat has helped me get that my heart can be open and I am safe. We have more work to do, and I am so much looking forward to it! I am happier and have more ease in my body, mind, and soul.. Kat is amazing!!! I love her work. She can hold a space for so much to change.


Maui, Hawaii

Calm & Clear

I am a professional coach and work as a Human Resources Director. The physical demands of being an HR Director are not extensive. However, the desk work and computer work will result in some tension and discomfort in my right shoulder. The emotional demands are more significant. Let’s be honest-when you need to go to HR, things have gotten complicated and you need some serious assistance. And since we are working with human beings, this usually means that people are coming to me in a stressed state.

I don’t take on their stress, but there is stress involved in resolving the problems. With holding space for these situations my life began to manifest itself with insomnia, making unhealthy choices in food and general stress reactions. Before the Katalyst Method Session I was not necessarily in physical pain, other than the tension in my right shoulder. I was stressed with the job and my cat was very ill and as my companion for 10 years, I was worried about her along with being unhappy in my job and was actively looking for work.

After the Katalyst Method session I was much more relaxed in life in general. Later that week, my cat’s health continued to decline and it was time to do the compassionate thing and let her go. It’s a bit hard to explain, but the decision making process flowed in a very easy way even with being very emotional with the decision. There was a peace about it, even with the grieving. I would have struggled greatly with it before having the session.

My career over the last 10 years or so has been something I do well but not something that I enjoy. Even though I’ve tried different employers, within a relatively short period of time, I’m in the same place as before. And without a clear idea of what was next for me that would change to more fulfilling. This cycle had repeated itself again and again. Several weeks after our session, after hearing the experiences of others who had sessions with Kat, the light went on regarding the shift in me.

I had recently decided, quite easily, to leave my career of 30 years to help my mother have a better quality of life in her final years. It means moving again, resigning without a job to go to–a very real issue for me in the past. This will also give me time to build a business that I’ve been trying to do for 3 years while working full time. The decision was easy even though I’m letting go of the security of income, insurance, and my well-developed career.

It was then that I realized, that the block that was released was the limiting belief that I need to work for someone else, always. Or that I’m too established to start a new career. And the lingering hopes that the next job would be The One that fulfills me. It took me to look back to realize the power of our session.

It was a block that was keeping me in that safe zone-but unfulfilling one for too long. And while the future is unclear, there is a sense of calm in me Now that I see the longer term benefits, I could see this as a complement to my wellness and self-care routines.


Chicago, IL

More Un-apologetically Grounded

As a mindset coach, it is important that I am taking proactive care of my body, emotions, and spirit. That is not always the case and with my mom being in the hospital recently from a big surgery, there was a heavy sensation in my chest. I was holding a lot of stress that made it difficult to focus. Before the session, I was feeling that sensation in my chest (which I took as anxiety). I know that when I get anxious, I tend to breathe shallow from my chest. After the session with Kat, I noticed more emotions coming up and moving out. I took bolder stands, (with ease instead of with stress) to ensure my mom had the proper treatment she needed. I gave myself permission to take a stand for the people I care about, including a prospective client whom I powerfully coached that week, ( after my session with Kat) who has now become my client. After my Katalyst Method session I am left feeling more unapologetically grounded after our session. Her work positively impacts my wellness routines and I recommend her for those who are spiritually inclined and committed to looking/shifting inward and wanting to make more of a profound shift outward! Thank you, Kat!

Gavin Masumiya

Los Angeles, CA

Feeling Empowered!

When I first started working with Kat, I was very much in my head with negative thoughts and stress about my high power, corporate job and boss. My goal in working with Kat was to shift my past mental patterns and behaviors and use my IGS, (Internal Guidance System – This is something Kat taught me to connect to) to make powerful decisions in my career and life – remove obstacles in my workplace to allow a new job opportunity to come my way that feeds my soul and plate. I have been unhappy and stressed in my job for many years and this has caused me to manifest a physical illness. Over the course of less than 2 months, Kat has propelled my thoughts and behaviors and given me the courage to leave my corporate job and trust in the universe to go after my dream job and life. I feel lighter and clearer than I ever have before. I feel free! She’s helped me face my fears and take a leap of faith. My family and friends saw me come alive in the process. For once I finally feel empowered to follow my soul purpose. My mom said this is the happiest she has seen me in quite some time. I am excited for my future and have Kat to thank for it!


New Jersey

Momentum Returns

I found myself in a place where I was not taking much action in my business, and my energy was low keeping me from being in my own full potential. After my sessions with Kat I began to gain back my momentum which grew into effortless action! The enthusiasm for my work returned and so did being in the flow of life!

Herman J.

Bogota, Colombia

Managing Stress

When I started working with Kat I was under a lot of stress at work, and I noticed a bump under my armpit which I thought was a swollen lymph node. After one session with Kat the lymph node had significantly reduced in size from about 2 cm to barely detectable. Within a few days it was gone. Working with Kat has helped me feel more in control of managing stress, I fall asleep more easily at night, and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on my day. I would highly recommend working with Kat for anyone who is working in a stressful job or environment and juggling multiple demands or to someone who is struggling with insomnia.

Brittany Nicole


The Skeptic’s Surprise

I was in acute back spasms and my right hip was also in spasm for four days. I was icing and heating these areas and I had a chiropractic adjustment the day before with little relief. I have had in person sessions with Kat previously and wasn’t able to make it to our scheduled appointment but desperately needed the work so my body could shift so she suggested I had a session from a distance with her? Honestly, when Kat said that having a remote session with her would be the same as an in person session I was skeptical. Her in person sessions are extraordinary and couldn’t imagine the relief could be the same. I was in such spasm I didn’t think it would work. It felt too esoteric for me. I have had remote work for emotional clearing but not physical. During the session I could feel the energetic and physical shifts happening in my body. I had my first session and afterwards felt so good! My spasms disappeared! Kat called later that day to check in with me and did another session to fine tune some details with my hip. The next day I felt no pain or spasm. I felt relief for the first time in a week! Kat is knowledgeable, caring, and an extraordinary facilitator of healing.

Louisa P

Honolulu, Hawaii

More Clarity

The first thing I noticed is that I had more clarity during my yoga practice. I felt in tune to the energy around me. I also weighed myself the next morning after the session because I felt really light but I was the same weight. Feeling lighter overall is the most noticeable thing. I woke up feeling very rested and awake after sleeping less than six hours the next morning. I am truly grateful for connecting with Kat!

MJ Maitland

New York

Symptoms Have Cleared

I am so grateful to Kat as I had struggled with restricted neck mobility, lower back pain, anxiety and insomnia for over a decade. After having a session with Kat, all four of my symptoms have cleared up. I’m excited to continue working with her to see what else is possible!

Marc C.


More Productive and Energized!

After one session with Kat, I was more productive and energized than I had been in months! I had a renewed sense of motivation for the work I was doing and a burst of creativity to see a current project through. I would definitely recommend Kat to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I am excited to continue working with her!

Tara Rae Bradford

Manhattan, NY

Identifying a Significant Issue

I have known and worked with Kat Michelle for almost 3 years now and my healing session with her was so peaceful and intentional. Kat really brings her time and attention to her healing work, her focus is that all your needs are attended to and invites you to participate in your healing process.
Kat’s work was instrumental in identifying a significant issue that was developing in my body and that it needed my immediate attention. I am so grateful to have had her compassionate and loving nature present for a deeper awareness to my body.
I am so grateful for Kat’s true healing ability to “tune in” to the sacred energy of the quantum field to bring harmony and balance within.

Lynette D


Became a Better Coach

My name is Kristen, I am an online manifestation coach. My work is very rewarding and I love it, but it can also be energetically draining for me, as I give a lot to my clients! Before I worked with Kat, I was burnt out. I had mental overwhelm, headaches regularly, and low energy. Since the session, I have a huge sense of inner peace that wasn’t there before. The mental pressure has been relieved and I have not had a headache in a week since the session. I’ve settled into this deep appreciation for life that previously I had to work hard to feel- now it’s become my new norm. It is truly magical, there is no other way to describe it. I feel at home in my body, and I feel at peace in my work. The session was a perfect complement to the work that I do. It has helped me become a better coach, mentor and entrepreneur. Kat made the entire experience amazing. She is so kind & explained everything so clearly. I am so grateful. If you have the opportunity to work with Kat in any capacity, it is unbelievably worth it. The inner peace and mental clarity I have gained is priceless.

Kristen Jenna

Her Remote Sessions Are a Game-changer!

About a year ago I was at work, at my cooking job, putting the day’s produce delivery away. I was trying to lift a heavy box over my head onto the top shelf when I felt a little “popping” twinge on my right side rib area. From then on it would feel tight, and ache from too much heavy lifting, and be sore nearly all the time, but in more of a “background” way. The last few months it has gotten progressively worse, so any twisting or bending or reaching, (or sometimes breathing!) causes sharply annoying pain. Also dietary choices, like dairy and wheat, seemed to be causing flare ups as well. When I had my Katalyst Method session with Kat, I saw and felt a lot of soothing white light and could feel her wiggling/pressing/heating that exact spot. It has been almost a month now, and I have felt not felt a single twinge after a year of constant pain and irritation! NOTHING! My sore spot appears to be fixed—even bread and dairy, and long hours at work, and twisting and reaching and bending, and breathing, have caused no sensation or discomfort. The pain has simply disappeared! Her remote sessions are a game changer! Mahalo Kat!

Becky A


Transformation Journey

I was introduced to Kat after I was triggered at work for being told I was not yet eligible for a big promotion that I felt absolutely qualified for, which really deflated my confidence. After sessions with Kat Michelle I felt really big shifts, emotionally and energetically.

I was able to see the blocks from a higher perspective and just saw them lifted away allowing me to be at peace with all of the external factors in my life. The sessions helped me turn around the way I approached my career aspirations. After the Katalyst Method sessions, my work environment totally changed out of the blue! I was assigned numerous high profile projects, providing me with an abundance of opportunities to shine. I have always delivered high quality work but now I am offered a seat at the big boy’s table and recognized and rewarded for my contribution. In a few short months my profile has been propelled dramatically increasing my chances for promotion. And fact I don’t even care if I am promoted! If not this, then I know bigger and better opportunities will arrive and I look forward to the adventures!

With my personal life, I now prioritized my self-worth and self-value and draw strong boundaries with honoring myself more with ease. I am now also able to gracefully part from relationships with people who drain my energy and focus my time on relationship with God, myself, my children, my family and friends who raise my vibration and help me live my best life.

Kat is a gentle, warm, kind and a truly gifted healer. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and look forward to continuing my transformation journey with her.


New York City


All matter is comprised of energy. Various frequencies that emanate from matter such as humans, plants and objects as well as subtle energy space is scientifically measurable. Contemporary science is constantly developing measuring tools and devices that can effectively measure such subtle energy fields and their frequencies, matter and various subtle energy dimensions including those within and around the body sphere. Subtle realms and harmonic frequencies, however, are measurable and show variations around and within the body, in our environment and throughout our atmosphere.

The Science

Quantum physicists and scientists such as William Tiller, Irwin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, Beverly Rubik and others from diverse academic and scientific disciplines posit a variety of conceptual ideas that are rooted in theoretical modeling as well as scientific evidence-based research. Scientists from various scientific, medical, healing and consciousness study communities posit various combinations of quantifiable and qualitative research as well as theoretical modeling systems that attempt to answer how healing actually works. While there are many approaches to answering this question, some current postulations suggest that remote healing may actually be transferred or exchanged within a particular harmonic field resonance and that healing may occur. Such continued research is generally based on the exploration of consciousness and bio field properties and quantum mechanics field information.

What is Quantum Voyance Integration and How Does It Work?

Quantum Voyance Integration allows client and practitioner to work together from a distance. No travel required! These sessions provide increased scheduling flexibility, convenience and comfort for the client.

Sessions may be conducted via phone, Skype or Zoom. Researchers have discovered that energetic and physical imbalances can not only be detected but also healed through a connective membrane called non-local space.

Non-local space is an aspect of quantum torsion fields in which there can be simultaneous action-reaction dynamics allowing for the alignment, connection and shifting of the internal energy of other living beings — even over vast physical distances.

Our bodies were created to heal when in a state of balance called homeostasis. (The tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes).

Our bodies are resilient and are capable of handling most ordinary forms of injury, infection and various stressors on their own.

Yet sometimes our bodies endure traumas or adversity that result in our inability to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically in a sufficient manner. This can lead to severe internal imbalances.

Quantum Voyance Integration explores the cause of this internal obstruction impeding the body’s natural state of balance as well as its own innate ability to heal.

Quantum Voyance Integration aligns with you to resonate with a deep connection of the energy flowing through your system to fully grasp the underlying problem, “the source issues”.

During the session we will address what may be preventing you from being in full harmony with all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual properties.


Kat Mische Elle is not a licensed medical doctor, chiropractor, osteopathic physician, naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist, psychologist, psychotherapist. Therefore, Kat Michelle does not render medical, psychological, or other professional advice or treatment, nor does she provide or prescribe any medical diagnosis, treatment, medication, or remedy. Nothing in this website should be construed to constitute healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing. Kat Michelle encourages you to seek the care of a licensed healthcare professional if you believe such care is required. Information or guidance provided by Kat Michelle should not be construed as a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved. Kat Michelle makes no guarantees or warranties related to her service.


Kat Mische Elle does NOT work with: Bipolar, Schizophrenia (or other serious mental disorders), Stage 4 cancer, late stage ALS, late stage MS, serious back or neck pain due to injury, curses or black magic.

Email Kat at: Info@QuantumKat.io with additional inquiries

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